Get a bright and beautiful smile

you are proud of and oral health that’s an asset.

Dr. Chitra Pradeep

Cosmetic dentistry helps increase your confidence. Improve your oral health and the appearance of your teeth with cosmetic dental treatment in the Austin, Texas, office of Aqua Dental.

Improve teeth size, shape, color, and alignment.

Treat and eliminate tooth gaps.

Correct your bite and the damage caused by misaligned teeth.

Repair broken, decayed, cracked, or chipped teeth.

What can cosmetic dentistry do for you?



Teeth whitening


Some of our cosmetic dentistry options

If you want to correct minor imperfections like chipped, cracked, misaligned, misshapen, uneven, discolored, crooked, gapped, or small teeth, veneers (thin, customized shells fitted over teeth) are a simple, non-invasive solution.

Veneers, the easy and simple solution

Bonding (composite resin bonding) is a popular choice when fixing minor cosmetic issues like gaps and broken teeth. It can minimize damage to or the removal of healthy enamel in existing teeth.

Bonding, a popular smile enhancement method

We use safe, effective, and clinically-tested methods to whiten teeth at Aqua Dental. Whether you go for in-office or at-home methods, we ensure a white, bright smile in Austin, TX.

Don’t settle for dull, discolored teeth when there’s professional whitening.

Want to prevent a dental cavity from spreading? Tooth-colored (composite) fillings are a great way to treat cavities: They are safe, conservative, and help preserve the natural esthetics of your teeth.

Fillings - a simple, cost-effective method to preserve teeth

to learn more about the above and other cosmetic dental services Aqua Dental offers in Austin, TX. Book your appointment with Dr. Chitra Pradeep. We are open from Monday to Thursday.


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